Last week, Tom Holland got Spider-Man fans very excited with a cryptic tweet that simply said “Monday morning. …” While this could have referenced any of his upcoming projects, many people on Twitter hoped this meant a new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer would surface today.

While a new trailer has yet to arrive (it is still morning, though! A girl can hope!), the studio did release new domestic posters for the movie. They feature Spider-Man in three different European cities: Berlin, London, and Venice.

Far From Home Venice

He is wearing his new black-and-red suit — which we first glimpsed in the teaser trailer — and striking a Spidey pose on each poster. In Venice, he’s hanging upside-down from his webbing and reading a guidebook for Italy. On the London poster, he is standing atop the London Eye, with Big Ben in view behind him. Lastly, the Berlin poster shows him crouched in front of the Brandenburg Gate and ready to leap into action.

Far From Home Berlin

Holland also shared the posters on Instagram with the message, “I thought I’d kickstart your week with a little spidey action. Spider-man far from home hits theatres July 5th and it’s his craziest ride yet. #spidermanfarfromhome.”

We still don’t know much about Far From Home — especially considering that Peter Parker is dead in the current MCU timeline — and these posters don’t reveal anything new. However, they’re a fun reminder that July 5 is getting closer!

Photos: Sony Pictures