So far, the promos for Stranger Things 3 have mostly focused on fun summer days at the pool, wild ‘80s clothes, and the shopping mall. But the newest (and final) trailer for the upcoming season is exactly the opposite: It’s packed with all the paranormal horrors and nightmare-inducing monsters we know and love from Stranger Things’ seasons past.

Clocking in at nearly three minutes, the trailer also gives us some hints as to what happens this season. Let me tell you, things aren’t looking so great for Hawkins (but really, do they ever?).

Remember when Eleven closed the portal last season and banished the Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster to the Upside-Down for good? Well, maybe we shouldn’t have been celebrating just yet. From the sound of this trailer, he back, he’s ready to destroy the world, and he’s looking for the perfect new host.

Check out the full trailer below and catch Stranger Things 3 when it drops on Netflix on July 4.

Photo: Netflix