At this point, we’ve all become pros at Zoom meetings and FaceTime catchups. But what if the person on the other end of your video chat was Ralph Macchio, Chris Sarandon, or Tim Curry?

That’s exactly the setup for GalaxyCon Live, the latest foray into virtual fan convention experiences, since nearly every in-person fan convention has been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19.

GalaxyCon — which has previously hosted shows in Raleigh, Louisville, Minneapolis, and Richmond — created a full virtual lineup for the month of May, mirroring the traditional comic con model of a la carte Q&A sessions, one-on-one celebrity meet-and-greets, and autograph signings.

The schedule so far includes:

  • May 2: My Hero Academia’s Three Best Girls with Monica Rial, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Luci Christian
  • May 3: The Loser’s Club from the film IT Jack Grazer, Jackson Scott, and Jeremy Ray Taylor
  • May 9: Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before ChristmasChris Sarandon and Ken Page
  • May 16: The stars of The Karate Kid — Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove
  • May 24: The voices of RWBY Kara Eberle, Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, and Arryn Zech
  • May 30: Tim Curry, star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Clue, Legend, Muppet Treasure Island, IT, and Annie

For each of these events, fans can purchase experiences at different pricing tiers. There is a livestream Q&A at 2 p.m. ET on each listed date, which fans can access for just $5. Then, there are options for two-minute video chats with individual actors or the full group of actors, video messages, and autographed photos (which will be mailed). The exact details and pricing for these more personal interactions vary by event and by actor, but you can see the full details now for the My Hero Academia, ITand Nightmare Before Christmas events at

GalaxyCon is also offering free livestream celebrity interviews on its Facebook page every weeknight at 7 p.m. ET.

To get a better sense of this virtual con setup, check out the preview video below!

Photo: GalaxyCon