Photo: IMDB

George R.R. Martin is saying goodbye to HBO, and hello to Hulu.

The author, whose Song of Ice and Fire novels inspired one of the most successful TV shows of all time, is getting another of his worlds adapted for the small screen.

The series is based on Wild Cards this time, which Martin launched in 1986. A far cry from Westeros, the novels take place in an alternate modern New York that was hit by an alien virus in 1946. The virus kills most of those infected (what would a George R.R. Martin show be without tons of death?), but a lucky few instead receive super powers.

The series is unique because Martin launched and still edits it alongside Melinda Snodgrass, but more than 40 authors have also contributed to the Wild Cards cannon.

According to Variety, Hulu plans to open writers rooms for not just one, but two shows set in the Wild Cards universe. There are few details about either series at this point, but Andrew Miller is set to write and executive produce both projects. Martin, Snodgrass, and Vince Gerardis will executive produce.

h/t CNET