When Captain Marvel premieres on March 8, it will make history as the first Marvel film with a female lead.

To celebrate this fact, nonprofit We Have Stories launched a GoFundMe campaign earlier this month on behalf of Girls Inc. of greater LA, raising money for young girls in the community to see Captain Marvel for free.

“Every child deserves to have the opportunity to see themselves represented in the art and media, and feel there are no bounds to what they can become,” says Frederick Joseph of We Have Stories. “With Captain Marvel, young girls will be able to not only see Marvel Studios’ first female lead, but also the most powerful hero in that universe.”

Now, We Have Stories is encouraging other communities around the world to follow suit and start GoFundMe campaigns using the hashtag #CaptainMarvelChallenge.

In return, GoFundMe will donate $100 to 25 campaigns that use the hashtag and all campaigns using the hashtag will appear on GoFundMe’s #CaptainMarvelChallenge page.

Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, shared the original campaign on her Instagram: