Hey Danny and Sandy, we still want to hear what you did all summer!

While the classic movie musical (as well as the stage and TV adaptations, too) saw teenage lovers Danny and Sandy reunite at school following their romantic summer fling, we’re still waiting to hear what they did down at the beach. Well, the song “Summer Nights” attempted to clear up the early romance of the polar opposite teens; however, apparently, we are still left in dark about many of the memories of their summer vacation and the conflicting points of view. To explain all the deets down in the sand, a new Grease prequel film — aptly titled Summer Loving — is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Paramount Players is revving up some greased lightning for a new Grease prequel, based on greaser Danny and innocent Sandy’s summer love story. The studio has tapped John August (Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Aladdin, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) to pen the script, illustrating how the dynamic musical duo first met down at the beach.

While the original 1978 musical had a song and a plotline that told viewers exactly how they met and spent their summer, it’s still up in the air what else is left of the story to tell.

For those of you unfamiliar with their summer adventures detailed in “Summer Nights,” allow me to briefly catch you up to speed (as I have been singing along since I was in kindergarten). The ever-innocent Sandra Dee meets lifeguard Danny when he saves her from drowning. As the he-said-she-said song tells different stories, there’s room for interpretation in what actually happened, which hopefully the new film can answer. Will we see a bowling date? A date drinking lemonade? An under-the-docks makeout scene? A newly 18-year-old Danny celebrating his milestone birthday? The “Summer Nights” song captures so much — whoa, whoa, whoa — so finally at long-last fans can know the truth. The song ending with a chorus of “tell me more” is quite accurate because, yes, we want to know more and what actually happened.

Photo: Paramount Pictures