Move over Weird Sisters, the real wizard rockstars return as Harry and the Potters prepare to release their first full-length album since 2006: Lumos.

Brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge started their band in 2002, and Harry and the Potters have since performed more than 800 shows, exclusively playing songs about the Harry Potter books.

Their new album Lumos chronicles the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final Harry Potter book by J. K. Rowling, touching on the growing oppression in the wizarding world, the ministry-run media, kids being separated from their mixed-blood parents, surveillance systems, and pureblood supremacy. It manages to be incredibly poignant in today’s political climate.

Harry and the Potters band

Check out the glorious tracklist below and see if you can connect the magical dots.

  1. “Lumos”
  2. “You’re Not the Wizard”
  3. “Good Riddance (Privet Drive)”
  4. “The Trace”
  5. “On the Importance of Media Literacy Under Authoritarian Rule”
  6. “Hermione’s Army”
  7. “What Happened to the Cat?”
  8. “The Banality of Evil (Song for Albert Runcorn)”
  9. “Gone Campin’”
  10. “Where’s Ron?” (featuring Kimya Dawson as Hermione Granger)
  11. “No Pureblood Supremacy”
  12. “Voldemort in Your Head”
  13. “The Sword, The Cup, and the Dragon”
  14. “The Cloak”
  15. “The Stone”
  16. “The Wand”

They’re making the rounds this summer. Check out their tour dates here. If only Dumbledore was around to book them for Hogwarts’ next Yule Ball.