Praise be, loyal viewers! Hulu is primed to be our go-to streaming platform this summer with both the season premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale and the Veronica Mars revival. To tease our appetites, the platform released official trailers for both programs, and I’m so ready to start watching.

The third season of the Emmy-winning dystopian series The Handmaid’s Tale gears up for a battle in which June and her community of allies are ready to watch this world burn. Literally. The new trailer talks of resistance and changing this crap dystopian world as June returns from last season’s heroics of not escaping Gilead but instead sticking around to fight for her eldest daughter and the others still left suffering. In this two-minute teaser, we see Bradley Whitford’s Commander Lawrence speaking with June in her quest for allies to resist, including other cast members, such as Nick, Aunt Lydia, Moira, and Serena Joy.

Some happy news: Emily (Alexis Bledel) arrives, presumably in Canada, holding June and Nick’s infant daughter in front of a crowd of a cheering office (all wearing regular, modern-day clothes), so it is likely she is free at last.

Viewers are likely to have so many questions after watching the clip: Does June find Hannah, and how? Will Luke ever know the truth now that Emily is nearby? Will June and Serena succeed in watching their world burn after seemingly burning down the Waterford residence?  It ends with the badass line, “There’s still hope if I’m here. Now, Mom’s got work.” I have chills as June and Serena lounge side by side smoking as if they don’t give a damn anymore. Now, that’s one heck of a teaser.

Speaking of the badass ladies of TV, Veronica Mars has been saving the day and kicking massive amounts of butt since high school; and this summer, she’s officially back.

Hulu also revealed a first-look teaser at the revival, promising plenty of familiar faces, including Logan having some fun in the sun, and Kristen Bell’s Veronica, who is just as badass as ever. There are new mysteries and crimes to solve.

The limited series brings us to a crime-ridden Neptune during a “sketchy” spring break as Mars Investigations pieces together what has transpired around town. The one-minute clip teases cameos by Patton Oswalt and J.K. Simmons as the town crime wave picks up with shootings, bomb threats, muggings, and more.

And fear not, fans: Team LoVe will prevail, as the clip shares several steamy and romantic scenes between the two. And I can’t wait.

The Handmaid’s Tale and Veronica Mars arrive within months of each other on June 9 and July 26, respectively, and just like that, my summer plans are set.

Photo: Hulu