Photo: The CW

While we constantly get reboots and spin-offs from The CW with its supernatural and super-powered entities, another comedy is joining the network’s lineup. Variety reports that the network is currently developing a spin-off series of Jane the Virgin, as it’s final season airs this spring.

As Jane concludes its CW run with a final season, this new series features an entirely new cast. Jane writer Valentina Garza will join as writer and executive producer, with Jane creator Jennie Snyder Urman and star Gina Rodriguez will also executive producing.

Sources told Variety it will be an anthology adaptation of a fictional universe based on a novel written by Jane (which means that Rodriguez could become the new narrator). If this anthology is similar to Jane’s first novel, a retelling of her and Michael’s love story, or even the novel she started about grandmother Alba’s life in Venezuela, count me in.

Obviously, this pitch is currently in development, and there is no guarantee it will make it to series, so in the mean time, we still have a whole season of the Villanueva family and plot surprises to take in when the new season returns in 2019.

h/t AV Club