Fans who have finished Kingdom Hearts III will have the opportunity for more fantasy content soon.

Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC will bring players on multiple boss battles and include brand new features, such as a premium menu and a secret episode. Fans will also be able to utilize a new greeting mode, as well as a Limitcut. They’ll travel with Sora on a brand-new adventure on which he has to find his friends and “discover truths that he has never before imagined.”

A trailer for the new game features the Final Fantasy characters who are set to appear. It also shows Sora’s friends worried and wondering where he could be. Watch it below.

In January, a free update on Kingdom Hearts III will include new additions to the main story, new abilities, and a new form for Sora. It will also expand upon sharing features. Square Enix reminds players to update their games regularly in order to get these benefits.

Playstation users will be able to purchase Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC on Jan. 23, but Xbox users will have to wait until Feb. 25. Both can preorder the game here or pick it up at major retailers for $29.99 next year. There’s also an option to pick up the game with exclusive concert footage for $39.99. The footage is only available in that package and is from the Kingdom Hearts – World of Tres – Orchestra, which was filmed in Japan back in November. 

Photo: Square Enix