There’s only five days left until Disney and Pixar fans can use elemental magic, unlock the power of the Keyblades, and help light prevail against the darkness when Kingdom Hearts III debuts January 29.

Today, to get fans excited for the launch, Square Enix released new footage of the game. The 3.5-minute gameplay overview features  a narrator who explains many of the game’s basic concepts, including the keyblades, magic fighting tools, linking to Disney characters’ powers, the different worlds and characters within the game, and more.

The video (and the game!) is packed with plenty of familiar Disney characters and worlds, too—Elsa, Hercules, Captain Jack Sparrow, Woody and Buzz, Winnie the Pooh, Mike and Sully, Baymax, and many more.

Kingdom Hearts III is available for preorder now. Check out the full overview video:

Image: Square Enix