Lord of the Rings director, writer, and producer Peter Jackson will helm a new Beatles documentary using previously unseen footage from the 1970 film Let It Be.

Today’s announcement arrives on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ rooftop concert on the Apple Records offices.

While no release date has been revealed, it’s possible that the film debut will be sometime in 2020 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Let It Be album.

“The 55 hours of never-before-seen footage and 140 hours of audio made available to us ensure this movie will be the ultimate ‘fly on the wall’ experience that Beatles fans have long dreamt about,” Jackson said. “It’s like a time machine transports us back to 1969, and we get to sit in the studio watching these four friends make great music together.”

Let It Be was shot nearly 40 years ago, leaving much to be desired in terms of the cinematography. One point of interest for Jackson’s new film is that he plans to update the 16mm footage using the same techniques used for his World War I documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old.

With dozens of hours of outtakes from the original, Beatles fans will surely get to enjoy some never-before-seen content.

h/t Variety

Photo: Today Show