Get ready to add a little Disney magic to your bath routine!

The UK-based beauty manufacturer Mad Beauty, popular for its adorable Disney-fied bath collection, announced a new deal with Diverse Marketing and Total Business Fulfillment to bring its beauty line to American retailers. This new distribution agreement will get the ball rolling to bring Mad Beauty’s collections stateside, which includes its Disney license in all its fantastical glory.

“It is a great honor to be able to bring our products to the U.S. marketplace, especially as this includes some of America’s most iconic brand names,” Mad Beauty CEO Trevor Cash said in a statement. “We hope U.S. customers will enjoy our unique mix of fun and creative packaging in combination with the high-quality ingredients all at a great price.”

This bath collection launches in the U.S. at the Atlanta Gifts, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Seattle gift fairs inside Diverse Marketing’s showrooms this month.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the entire collection, and with the beauty company’s just-announced licensing deal with Warner Bros., our wishlist will surely grow longer.

Photo: Mad Beauty