Yesterday, #SpiderMan4 was a trending topic on Twitter. That’s because Marvel‘s official Twitter account shared this spider-styled number four, which many fans thought may be announcing a fourth movie in the Toby McGuire Spider-Man film series from the ’00s.

However, those theories were proven wrong this afternoon, when the account shared a number three in the same style (pictured above), signaling a countdown.

Many fans expressed disappointment in this countdown discovery, but it honestly never made much sense for the tweet to hint toward big screen news. Marvel shared both images with the hashtag “#MarvelComics,” which hints that whatever news awaits us at the end of this countdown is related to Marvel’s comic books, not its movies.

So now we sit back and wait to see what big news Marvel has in store three days from now. Perhaps we’ll get more clues on Wednesday when Marvel Live returns at 4 p.m. ET. According to a tweet from Marvel, the Twitter-based show will feature “interviews, news, and more.”

Photo: Marvel Entertainment