We still have about eight months to wait before the Marvel’s Avengers video game makes its debut, but Marvel Games and the game’s developing studios are already getting fans pumped with trailers, announcements, and con panels.

Today, the PlayStation blog published an interview with Scot Amos, the studio head at Crystal Dynamics, one of the developers for the game. In the interview, Amos gave new details about a four-player, co-op mode in the game. These will be called Warzones and feature Warzone Missions — challenges in which multiple players form an Avengers team and work together.

“It’s a co-op experience [in which] you’ll need to decide which role you want to play,” Amos tells PlayStation. “For example, someone can take crowd control with Thor, while another player puts Iron Man into the air, or leads from the front with Hulk.”

According to Amos, players’ leveled-up versions of the Avengers will be able to play with friends who haven’t progressed as far in the game and still keep the high-level perks.

Check out the full interview here for even more insights from Amos.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on May 15.

Photo: Square Enix