The Avengers have released some new intel on their next mission.

A new video released by game developer Crystal Dynamics gives an in-depth look into the world and gameplay of Marvel’s Avengers, launching next May.

The video details the third-person action-adventure game’s rich new narrative and game modes while highlighting some great-looking visuals and action-packed gameplay.

Marvel’s Avengers takes the super team on a brand new mission unlike one we’ve ever seen in the Marvel Universe. It’s “an all-new original story where you play as your favorite Avengers,” according to the newly revealed video.

After being blamed for a massive explosion that brings San Francisco to ruins, the Avengers are forced to disband, making room for a new world power called Advanced Idea Mechanics(AIM), whose Synthoid-AI robots take our fallen heroes’ places. When superpowers become outlawed in this oppressive new world, teenager Kamala Khan takes justice in her own hands to prove the Avengers’ innocence and reestablish Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

With each single-player Hero Mission and solo-or-squad-fought Warzone Mission, the game’s story and character development progress. Players will dive deep as they scale-up their fortress, advance their powers, and fit their heroes into one of their dozen iconic outfits from 80 years of Marvel history.

But the game’s mightiest power is its longevity: Marvel’s Avengers promises to be playable for years to come as new heroes and lands update the game post-release — at no additional cost to game owners.

To see the game in action, watch the overview video below. Players can preorder the beta version for PS4 now.

Photo: Square Enix