When’s the last time you checked on your Neopets??

It’s probably been a while, but if you were a kid or teen in the early ’00s, you likely have fond memories of joining the Neopia community and caring for your virtual pets. Now, there’s an animated Neopets series on the way.

A collaboration between Beach House Pictures and JumpStart Games, the series will feature new characters and storylines based on the Neopets virtual world. There aren’t many details yet, so stay tuned for updates.

The new series is part of a larger rebrand and relaunch of the Neopets brand this year, including a reimagined Neopets website, a new mobile game, and Neopets merch.

Neopets originally debuted in 1999, but fans can still log on to the site to play, find new content and events, and more.

Photo: Blue Ant Studios