Get ready to up your game on the foam battlefield!

Hasbro is expanding its NERF assortment this fall with the introduction of a new product segment: NERF Ultra.

The new NERF Ultra blasters are designed for increased performance, and to deliver “extreme distance, accuracy, and speed.” Along with the blasters comes new NERF Ultra darts, which are touted as being “the farthest flying NERF darts ever.” The new darts are crafted from lightweight foam and include a new flight tip and Aerofin Technology. Most notably, they are shorter than their predecessors.

The new line will debut with the release of the NERF Ultra One Blaster, which is available for preorder at Walmart, Target, and Amazon in the U.S. The motorized blaster features a high-capacity, 25-dart drum and includes 25 NERF Ultra darts. The blaster sends darts flying up to 120 feet.

NERF Ultra One

NERF is some serious business.

Photos: Hasbro