Netflix is interrupting some users’ binge watching.

The streaming service is testing a feature that plays promo videos in between episodes of other shows on Netflix it thinks that user might want to watch next.

However, many users were quick to point out that video promos that play in between episodes is basically the definition of a commercial. The videos take anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds, and users are able to skip it after a certain amount of time—kind of like YouTube ads.

“These video promos are actually personalized recommendations for titles we think a member may enjoy watching,” Smita Saran, a Netflix company spokesperson, told The New York Times. “In this particular case, we are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster.”

This is not the first feature that Netflix is trying out, but they are often tested for years before becoming a permanent feature. Time will only tell whether the streaming service moves forward with the videos.

Netflix subscribers naturally took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the not-commercials.