Black Mirrorthe show that has made us all even more wary of technology than we already were, is coming back for its fifth season on June 5 with three new episodes. Netflix dropped an overall trailer for the new season last week, but today the streaming service released the episode titles and a one-minute trailer for each (and they are all creepy, of course). Check them out below.

Striking Vipers

Anthony Mackie plays a husband who seems a bit unsure about what he wants, especially after reconnecting with an old college friend. He says there’s nothing going on but, come on, there totally is.

Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on here, but Miley Cyrus seems be playing a celebrity who introduces a robot companion called the “Ashely Too.” Over the course of the minute-long trailer, both Ashley and the robot (much to the surprise of its owners) seem to be devolving.


This episode follows a ride-sharing trip gone very, very wrong. As the episode description eerily warns: “Don’t forget to rate your drivers.”

Photo: Netflix