Orion Pictures released a new image for Child’s Play to get fans ready for the new reboot.

Chucky is ready to kill, hiding in shadow and wielding a huge butcher knife.

The image shows off the slashing doll’s redesign, including his updated facial features and new brand name: Buddi.

The little red-headed doll, who is voiced by Mark Hamill, looks eerily charming for the new horror flick premiering on June 21.

In Child’s Play, which is directed by Lars Klevberg and produced by Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, the horror classic is re-imagined, with single mother Karen (Aubrey Plaza) buying her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the ultimate tech gift: a new Buddi doll. The new WiFi-enhanced doll is supposed to be the coolest toy to hit shelves, but Andy is actually blood-thirsty and demon-possessed.

Talk about a revamp.

Photo: Orion Pictures