If you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, you’ll soon be able to #FuelYourFandom no matter your budget is.

Konami Cross Media NY Inc., which manages the Yu-Gi-Oh! rights outside of Asia, partnered with First 4 Figures, Zag Toys, Tsume, Taka, and Kitsune for new lines of collectibles. Collectors will be able to get their hands on new merch — available in multiple price brackets — beginning this summer.

First 4 Figures and Tsume will produce collectibles at the highest end of the price scale, including resin collectible statues that will be sold online exclusively to global fans outside of Asia. Taka will offer high-end sculptured busts, available for sale throughout Europe. Kitsune’s resin Seto Kaiba with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon statue will be available in France and Monaco only. Finally, Jazwares’ Zag Toys will launch a line of collectible Domez Yu- Gi-Oh! toys available worldwide (excluding Asia) at a kid-friendly size and price.

Of course, if collectible figures and statues aren’t your thing, the Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible trading card game is going strong!

Photo: Konami