This weekend during New York Comic Con (NYCC), the Prop Store unveiled an upcoming auction that, for the first time, will include props from Marvel’s Jessica JonesThe auction, which will launch in December, marks the second Marvel TV auction from the company this year. The first included props will be from Daredevil, Luke Cageand Iron Fist.

Some of the props that will be included in the upcoming Jessica Jones auction were on display during the con at Marvel’s booth. Chuck Costas, vice president of business development at Prop Store LA, says Marvel reached out to Prop Store about auctioning Jessica Jones props after the first auction.

jessica jones knife

Costas is considered a prop expert for the show, having visited the set and watching the series multiple times to learn about the props and how they were used in the show.

“By looking at the original props, costumes, etcetera, you really get an appreciation for the art that went into making these series,” he says.

The auction will feature more than 400 props at a variety of price ranges, with most of the items starting at $50.

“There’s a lot to choose from,” Costas says. “Depending on which character you love or which scene you love, hopefully you can find something that you can take home and remember.”

Fans can preview the prop selection and register for the auction now at!

Photos: the Pop Insider