Disney is known for creating magical stories and moments for fans of all ages. But that magic wouldn’t be possible without the employees who work behind the scenes to bring those stories to life.

On Dec. 3, Disney plans to highlight these men and women both in print and on screen with One Day at Disney, which will be both a short-form documentary series on the Disney+ streaming service and a 224-page coffee table book.

Back in February, Disney dispatched photographers to conduct 76 photo shoots around the world to capture cast members who “drive creativity and innovation at the Walt Disney Company.”

Those photographs will be collected for the hardbound, collectible book, which is available now for preorder ($50).

On the Disney+ side of things, One Day at Disney will start with a feature-length documentary, which debuts the same day as the book. Then, more than 50 new four- to seven-minute shorts will debut on a weekly basis, each profiling one person at their job.

Check out a trailer for One Day at Disney below!

Photos: Disney