Image: Disney

Despite the series of unfortunate decisions that got him stripped of his title in Star Wars: The Last Jediit seems Poe Dameron will be promoted, or rather reinstated, to commander status for Star Wars: Episode IX.

The final issue of Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic debuted this week and (? spoiler alert ?), it includes Poe getting back in General Leia’s good graces.

Issue #31 takes place shortly after the events of The Last Jedi, with Poe begging to be allowed to help the Black Squadron. Following a spirited debate between Poe and Leia, she ultimately gives her blessing. Just before he leaves, she says the most important line:

“Fine. You may have my authorization. But you can’t take the Falcon. Find another way. May the Force be with you… Commander Dameron.”

Dameron is, understandably, taken aback by the comment. But Leia confirms her decision with some sass that we know and love, saying, “Commander. But this time, don’t blow it.”

Since all official Star Wars releases become official cannon, this promotion will be in place for Star Wars: Episode IX, which is filming now.

h/t: MovieWeb