Ash and Pikachu have the ultimate friendship — there’s no denying it. Soon, Pokémon Go will launch a buddy-adventure feature so everyone can try to find their Pokémon BFF.

Pokémon buddies are won over just like human buddies — with food. Feed it berries, explore with it, pet it, and battle together. All of these actions improve your relationship with your buddy from good to best, and each level will bring different perks. A great buddy will help you catch wild Pokémon, while an ultra buddy will let you know where to explore.

Keep track of your buddy in its profile screen. Only one can remain active at a time, but you can have multiple buddies who will act in different ways during the virtual reality (VR) mode, depending on which type of Pokémon they are.

Your buddy will have different moods depending on how much attention you pay to it. You have to do activities every day to keep it at the “Best Buddy” level. Sometime after the initial launch, another update will feature the ability to share VR buddies with real-life ones by merging screens and taking group photos. 

Find your Pikachu when the update launches next year.

Photo: Pokémon Go