A new pop-up event is making its rounds through the U.S. and teaching fans how to become Pokémon trainers.

Viral Ventures, an Australia-based branded events producer, will open its traveling Poke Bar in several U.S. cities later this year.

The unofficial event will feature a bar serving Pokémon-inspired food and drinks, and a DJ. Hopefully, they’ll hire wild Ludicolos as bartenders, along with Loudreds — and Diplo — for the DJ gig.

Fans who opt for the $25-ticket will get the ultimate Pokémon trainer experience. In the two-hour experience, they’ll journey through seven regions where they’ll try to catch and battle Pokémon — just as if they’re in the TV series, video games, or original trading card game. Those who come dressed in the best Pokémon-themed costume will also win prizes.

So far, the Poke Bar is scheduled to appear in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Denver. Fans can get more details about pre-sale tickets and tour locations by signing up for email updates on the Poke Bar’s website. 

The Poke Bar pop-up is Viral Ventures’ latest event. In the next few months, there will also be a LEGO pop-up bar, called The Brick Bar, constructed with more than 1 million LEGO bricks. 

H/T ComicBook

Photo: TV Tokyo