Could we BE any more excited?? To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the hit sitcom Friends, Pottery Barn is all set to release a brand-new furniture collection inspired by the Central Perk crew.

The retailer will bring back Rachel’s favorite Apothecary Table in this anniversary collection. The table is that same one that Rachel purchased in the season-six episode, “The One With the Apothecary Table,” for her shared apartment with Phoebe. In addition to the table that could be from the days of yore, PB will also release an entire range of themed accents dedicated to the beloved sitcom.

PopSugar revealed an exclusive first look at the collection, and much like Rachel’s infatuation with the PB catalog, I’m obsessed. The line, starring the iconic dark wood apothecary table, will include 14 products varying in price from $13-$1,099. It’ll have everything that Rachel (and even Phoebe!) could dream of for their shared living space, including decorative accents, furniture, textiles, mugs, and throw pillows with iconic imagery printed on the front.

The range launches online beginning on July 30.

Photo: Warner Bros.