Your favorite mighty morphin’ ‘’90s crime fighters are back. 

Next spring, you can snap up six new collectible Power Rangers figures, part of Hasbro’s Lightning Collection. The new additions will include the original Red Ranger from the original Mighty Morphin’ series, as well as the tyrannical Lord Drakkon. Figures from other series — such as Blue Ranger from Beast Morphers, Gold Ranger from Dino Charge, and Blue Ranger from Zeo — are also expected next spring. 

Each figure is 6 inches and is made using photoreal technology, guaranteeing accurate depictions of your favorite rangers. The figures will each include character-specific accessories, such as sabers, daggers, and swords, as well as replaceable headpieces (one with a helmet, one without), a blast-effect piece, and an extra pair of hands. Each ranger features a top-quality paint job and careful detailing. 

The figures can be preordered at

Photos: Hasbro