Sylvester Stallone is back in action in the new trailer for the 5th and final sequel of Rambo.

Lionsgate’s Rambo: Last Blood follows the iconic action hero, John Rambo, almost four decades after his first lethal mission. He will return for one final mission: to exact revenge — until he decides to come out of retirement because only the best reboots bless fans this way.

A bloody and sweaty Rambo will use his arrow for one last time, along with his rifles, a few knives, booby traps, and a whole stock of artillery the trailer showcased in his ranch. And — of course — there are major car explosions because there can’t be Rambo without cars blowing up.

Rambo: Last Blood will premiere in theaters on Sept. 20.

Check out the trailer below to catch all the action.

Photo: Lionsgate