regal logoThings may not have gone so well for MoviePass, but movie theater subscription services are still alive and well. AMC Theaters’ Stubs A-List program has more than 860,000 members, Alamo Draft House’s subscription service is reportedly launching this year, and now Regal Cinemas may be joining in on this new movie-going business model.

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, the theater chain (owned by London-based Cineworld) is set to launch its subscription service at the end of this month: Regal Unlimited. Subscribers can choose from three different tiers of pricing: $18, $21, and $24 per month. The highest tier would provide access to all Regal locations, while the lower tiers would limit the locations included in the subscription service.

Other rumored details include a 10% reduction on concessions and requiring fans to purchase an entire year of the service in advance. So far, there seems to be no word on whether premium movie formats — such as Dolby, 3D, and Imax —will be included in the subscription.

Photo: Regal Theaters