The ninth season of The Walking Dead is rolling along (with some not-so-great ratings), and there are only TWO episodes left until Andrew Lincoln’s final goodbye. The final episode with Rick Grimes will be the fifth episode of the season, titled “What Comes After.” It will air on Nov. 4 on AMC.

While we still don’t know if Rick will die, Norman Reedus revealed at New York Comic Con that Lincoln spent his final scenes covered in blood, so that might be a big hint right there. We also know that Jon Bernthal, who played Rick’s (ex) BFF Shane from the first season of the show, will make an appearance at some point. Maybe Rick will see him as his life flashes before his eyes in his final moments?

Even if you’re behind on the show, we suggest watching this one live. You’ll probably be in for some major spoilers the next day anyway when the Internet riots.

h/t Collider