The Rubik’s Cube is a pop culture phenomenon, transforming into board games, card games, and miniature versions, as well as making appearances in more than a dozen movies, including The Amazing Spider-Man, Donnie Darko, and Hellboy. The Cube is turning 40 years old next year, and Rubik’s Brand is celebrating the milestone with a range of special events, new products, and partnerships.

Rubik’s Brand is launching a new twisty puzzle created by Ernő Rubik, a series of brand collaborations and global licensing deals, influencer and ambassador programs complemented by a multi-channel social media strategy, a global TV campaign, and a 20-month PR campaign.

Speaking about the partnership, Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani says, “It is the only retro game to still be a massive hit with new generations of kids and teens. His creation is above all a work of art, a symbol of pop culture, and this is what made me want to bring the talents of the Smiley studio to leverage this fabulous legacy and work on a brand extension strategy.”

Photo: Smiley