She-Ra Princesses of Power is almost back for its fourth season, and trouble is looming over Etheria.

Glimmer is now Queen of the Rebellion and Catra is head of the Horde. The Princess Alliance needs to defend Etheria but the Horde provides a constant threat of doom. In the trailer, there is a warning of a great evil that is “waking up again.” 

No one can quite agree on how to handle the defense of their land and the Horde is moving in quickly. The Rebellion is forced to question themselves when the Horde is able to guess their every move. Is there a spy among them? Who is a suspect? 

“Everyone,” Mermista warns as she makes thunder crash. Ultimately, there is a shocking discovery about Etheria that leaves Adora questioning everything.

A new trailer dropped today — watch it below!

She-Ra is well known for its gender-bending characters and diverse cast list. It’s been nominated for both GLAAD Media and Emmy awards. Jacob Tobia, a gender-noncomforming writer, producer, and performer, joins the star-studded cast as Double Trouble — a non-binary, shape-shifting mercenary from Crimson Waste. Double Trouble joins forces with Catra and the Horde to bring even more trouble to the Rebellion. 

She-Ra Princesses of Power, from DreamWorks, will be back with 13 episodes on Netflix on Nov. 5. All three previous seasons are available now so you can binge to catch up. 

Photo: DreamWorks Animation