The first national esports tournament, a joint effort from Simplicity Esports and Playlive Nation, will take place on Black Friday.

Simplicity Esports has been dedicated to creating a community for gamers since 2017. PLAYlive Nation is a natural fit for them with its multiple gaming lounges across the country.

Roman Franklin, the president of Simplicity Esports, says that Fortnite was the obvious choice for its first tournament because it’s the most popular game throughout its centers. Gamers from all backgrounds can join for free at any of the company’s locations, but only the best player will win the $5,000 cash prize.

The tournament will take place at 47 locations in the U.S. — including 32 in shopping malls. The companies say they feel Black Friday is the best day to have the first tournament because many gamers will already be out buying the latest and greatest items. Currently, locations are only in 14 states, so check here to see if there is anything near you.

Photo: Epic Games