Up until now, the sneak peeks at live-action Sonic the Hedgehog have been shrouded in mystery, shifting our view of the lovable Sega cartoon critter that we remember from the ‘90s to a curious new aesthetic featuring Sonic’s muscular, furry silhouette posing seductively in a hazy blue fog. But now the smoke has cleared and we’re getting a crisper look at Sonic courtesy of a leak from advertising agency Hamagami/Carroll Inc.’s branding deck for the Paramount Pictures film.

The agency published its Sonic the Hedgehog style guide, complete with photos of the CGI Sonic in full view, with no silhouettes or mysterious fog to hide behind. The deck describes the live-action Sonic’s “brand personality” as irreverent and sarcastic, heroic and adventurous, confident and competitive, chill and likable, and mischievous but not malicious.

live-action Sonic

Twitter reacts as only Twitter can, poking fun at Sonic’s muscular physique and excessive furriness, and nitpicking every little detail.

The film hits theaters on Nov. 8.

H/T Polygon

Photos: Hamagami/Carroll Inc.