Sony has spent the better part of four years building a video game console. Is it simply another Playstation? A PS5, perhaps? PS4 developer and gaming consultant Mark Cerny says no.

Cerny revealed to Wired that the system isn’t merely an upgrade to the company’s existing, tried-and-true console. It’s truly a “next-gen console.”

“The key question is whether the console adds another layer to the sorts of experiences you already have access to, or if it allows for fundamental changes in what a game can be,” Cerny says.

For now, the project is wrapped in mystery, and details are sparse. The new system, which doesn’t yet have a release date but definitely won’t hit shelves anytime this year, boasts a lot of super technical enhancements that essentially equate to alphabet soup, even for the savviest of shoppers. However, among the major enhancements are a custom unit for 3D audio that could redefine video game sound, a new central processing unit (CPU) and a new graphics processing unit (GPU), and a solid-state hard drive (SSD).

“As a gamer, it’s been a little bit of a frustration that audio did not change too much between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4,” Cerny says. “With the next console the dream is to show how dramatically different the audio experience can be when we apply significant amounts of hardware horsepower to it.”

Cerny called the SSD in particular “a true game-changer” that will improve speed across the system and games.

Stay tuned, kids. (Console) changes are a coming.

H/T Wired

Photo: Pexels