Is all this living really worth dying for?

Pixar, as always, is hitting the heavy questions and making us feel all of the feels in the first full trailer for its upcoming release, Soul. Fans got a first introduction to the movie and its protagonist, Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx), in a teaser trailer back in November. This new trailer, however, clocks in at more than 2 minutes and gives us a better sense of what will happen to Joe after he falls through a manhole (!) and wakes up as a soul in some sort of afterlife.

In this trailer, we see Joe shuffling along with thousands of other souls toward the Great Beyond. But Joe — a middle school band teacher who just got offered a gig to play with a jazz quartet — isn’t done living yet. He pushes his way back through the crowd, ultimately falling and landing in a place called the Great Before, where new souls learn about what to expect on Earth and form their personalities.

In the Great Before, Joe befriends 22 (voiced by Tina Fey) — a soul who doesn’t seem very excited about heading to Earth — and tries to show her why life is worth living. Excuse me as I go grab my tissues right now.

Check out the full new trailer below, and catch Soul when it hits theaters on June 19.

Photo: Pixar