Spawn Remastered

Twenty-five years ago, the first action figure based on Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn arrived in toy stores.

Like the independent comic book that inspired it, the action figure was a huge hit, and McFarlane Toys ushered in a new era that changed the game and carved a path for the highly detailed collectible figures of today.

Over the past quarter-century, that first Spawn action figure has become a sought-after piece, and now McFarlane is revisiting it for the Spawn Masterworks Original Spawn Action Figure and Comic Remastered. Available exclusively through Kickstarter, the package features an updated version of what fans first experienced in 1995 — a 7-inch action figure with more than double the articulation of the original, complete with a huge folding cape, weapon, and a comic with remastered artwork. The offering kicks off an all-new toy section on the Kickstarter platform.

Spawn 1995 and 2020

A comparison between the original 1995 Spawn action figure and its 2020 Masterworks counterpart.

“As an artist and a creator, I have worked to evolve my creations to the highest artistic level achievable,” says Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. “I’m going back to the beginning of the first Spawn action figure and comic I ever created.  It will be remastered and modernized with all the skill sets, details, and technology that I have learned over the past 26 years to bring you the best version of that iconic Spawn action figure and comic from 1995.”

The overall package comes in a collector box, which contains the figure, comic, and packaging. Collectors will appreciate that the figure comes in a modern, resealable shell that mimics the original 1995 blister card while being able to be opened and resealed without damage to the card back. It’s a perfect way to play and display.

Four Levels will be available via Kickstarter:

  • Classic Costume version;
  • Modern Costume version with new head;
  • Artist Proof (black and white);
  • and a 3-pack bundle.

Individual figures will be offered with or without an autograph from Todd McFarlane while the 3-pack is only available autographed.

Backer levels range in price from $40-160.

“It’s an honor that Kickstarter is creating a new toy section on its platform and debuting it to commemorate the first-ever Spawn Kickstarter,” McFarlane says.

Photos: Todd McFarlane Productions