Following a successful—and Golden Globe-winning—introduction to the spidey multiverse in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, it seems as if we aren’t done with the Spider-heroes just yet.

The film story, which gave us an insight into the multiverse and the various Spider-folk, could lead nicely into a spin-off on the silver screen. It seems like the film’s studio, Sony, is working to figure out how to translate the groundbreaking animated concept into a TV series, especially given existing licensing deals of characters to have them appear on TV.

According to an interview with The New York Times, Sony CEO Kenchiro Yoshida noted potential spin-off plans while discussing the company’s dedication to its entertainment division (Sony Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation). While Sony’s TV division still has some large entities on-air, such as Better Call Saul, many networks have the tendency to order programs from in-house production teams rather than source third-party entities, which has made Sony’s mission to get shows on the air difficult in general. Perhaps the film’s popularity could help the company improve that, so long as Disney and Marvel are on board considering the licenses of these iconic characters.

Sony and Disney do seem to have a mutually beneficial relationship, although Sony waived their rights to a Spider-Man television show during the big deal that led to Tom Holland’s Peter debuting in the MCU, but retain the licenses for other Marvel characters in the Spider-Man comics, including the Sinister Six, Morbius, Black Cat, and Silver Sable. Additionally, considering the company’s successful Spider-Man video game, Yoshida mentioned his interest in more collaboration between Marvel and Sony, including an animated series based on the Spider-Verse characters.

While a potential series is only in consideration as of now, Sony previously announced that a Spider-Verse sequel and spinoff films, likely starring Spider-Gwen, are currently in development. Considering the film concept takes place over inter-dimensional multiverses, there’s no shortage of imagination for a potential series.

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Photo: Sony Pictures Animation