Spotify Premium users in the U.S. are about to get a little bonus with their music subscription — free access to Hulu’s streaming ad-supported VOD package. The promo is only valid for the next three months so Spotify users have until June 10 to claim their free Hulu account, and users who make the cut will have access to ad-supported Hulu at a $9.99 monthly bundle price with no expiration date.

To sign up for the offer, existing Spotify Premium members can visit the “Your Services” page to activate Hulu’s ad-supported plan. New Spotify Premium users will have access to both Spotify Premium and Hulu at no cost for the first 30 days, and will then be billed $9.99 per month for the service.

The usual cost of the ad-supported VOD package is $12.99, so once the promo is over, the price will go back to normal for anyone who didn’t already sign up. Hulu and Spotify are capping the number of accounts eligible for the offer, but they aren’t revealing any numbers — get it while you can!

Photo: Spotify