Watching the new Marvel’s Avengers trailer (titled “Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day”) feels a lot like watching a trailer for a new installment of the MCU. The outfits look familiar, there are one-liners sprinkled throughout (“Did Thor just make a joke?”), and there’s even a helicarrier. Fans watch as the team — Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, and Black Widow — unveil a hi-tech Avengers headquarters, only for the celebration to turn deadly.

But this new Avengers tale isn’t an Endgame prequel. Marvel’s Avengers is an upcoming video game from Square Enix and Marvel Entertainment, set for release on May 15 next year.

Square Enix unveiled this first trailer and basic game details at its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) presentation yesterday.

The game follows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes five years after the tragedy featured in the game trailer. The world blames the Avengers for the destruction and superheroes have been outlawed, but the remaining Avengers must reassemble to save the world.

Although this game doesn’t take place in the MCU, Marvel fans will enjoy seeing these characters back together on screen, in animated form.

Check out the full trailer below, get updates on the game here, and preorder the game from Square Enix. Avengers: A-Day will release simultaneously for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One family of devices (including PC).

Photo: Square Enix