The Stranger Things world is built on mysteries, from Barb’s disappearance and Eleven’s supernatural powers to the Demogorgan and the Upside Down. Last week, the first official Stranger Things novel hit stores, revealing more about the secret history of Eleven’s mother. The verified Twitter account NXonNetflix announced a second Stranger Things book, this time with Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour in the Netflix series) on the cover.

The account posted an image of the book on Twitter with the caption, “The REAL (official, canonical!) story of Jim Hopper is coming to a bookstore near you. When Eleven gets curious about unanswered questions, Hopper is forced to reckon with some long-buried secrets.”

Adam Christopher, the author of the book, retweeted it with a brief synopsis: “New York, 1977, and Jim Hopper finds himself in a city turned upside-down… DARKNESS AT THE EDGE OF TOWN is out June 4th!”

Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix