If you haven’t been collecting Super7‘s Masters of the Universe Classics, would “the most absurdly large Masters of the Universe play set ever made” get you to start?

Following its initial debut at the Mattel booth during San Diego Comic-Con back in 2015, the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) Collector’s Choice Snake Mountain Play Set has been shown in various stages over the years by Super7, who took over the MOTU line in 2016. Most recently seen at Toy Fair New York, it’s almost a reality! Super7 will produce its version of Snake Mountain, provided a set number of preorders are received between May 1 and May 31. The asking price is a whopping $600.

The giant Snake Mountain is double the price of He-Man’s Castle Grayskull, which Mattel sold for $300 in 2013, but it’s also nearly double the size! This thing stands a mighty three feet tall, and opens up to four feet wide!

Snake Mountain


Skeletor’s massive mountain lair includes:

  • Snake Mountain, which stands 36 inches high and opens to 48 inches wide;
  • A demon with moveable jaw;
  • A narrow bridge of red hot lava falls;
  • A functioning trap door;
  • Real chains to shackle Skeletor’s enemies;
  • A break-away wall secret entrance Skeletor’s table and bone throne;
  • Horrifying dungeon creatures; and is
  • Scaled for Super7’s MOTU Collector’s Choice deluxe 7-inch figures (figures not included).

Snake Mountain will arrive packaged in a deluxe art box (measuring approximately 25 inches by 25 inches by 28 inches). For delivery, it will be wrapped in protective paper and include inner foam corners, and it will be shipped in a larger plain, (no logos) protective outer shipping box.

The latest MOTU news comes as actor Noah Centineo — the subject of many rumors — officially confirmed his casting as Prince Adam/He-Man for Sony Pictures and Mattel Films’ live-action Masters of the Universe film during an appearance on The Tonight Show this week. Additionally, Mattel is ramping up the brand again, with a new Mega Construx Pro Builders Castle Grayskull set slated for release on June 30.

Can we get Orko to perform some spell that will add a few zeroes to the bank account?

Photos: Super7