We are just three months away from the release of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for the Nintendo Switch. This morning, a new trailer for the games revealed details about the regional forms of Pokémon that players will find while playing.

This new form of Pokémon is called “Galarian form” because these Pokémon have taken on traits from living in the Galar region.

The Galarian forms shown in the trailer include Galarian Weezing (a Poison Gas Pokémon), Galarian Zigzagoon (a Tiny Raccoon Pokémon), and Galarian Linoone (a Rushing Pokémon).

The trailer also introduced Obstagoon — an evolved Linoone and a Blocking Pokémon — and the form-changing Morpeko, a two-sided Pokémon who can enter “Hangry Mode.”

Fans get their first look at two new rival trainers who will appear in the game and take part in the Gym Challenge competitions: Marnie and Bede. Team Yell also makes its debut in the trailer. These troublemakers are Marnie’s passionate fans, who always show up and get in the way.

Check out all of these new characters in the full trailer below, and get ready to explore the Galar region when Pokémon Sword and Shield debut on Nov. 15.

Photo: The Pokémon Co.