We have mentioned once (or twice) that this year is Tetris’ 35th anniversary. In honor of the milestone — 35 is the new 50? — the company unveiled a new logo (above) ahead of World Tetris Day (June 6).

Not quivering in your socks over a logo change? Well then, lucky you: the Tetris Company Inc. teamed up with Barcade, the de facto establishment for enjoying classic arcade games and American craft beer, to host a Tetris takeover at all Barcade locations across the U.S. Brooklyn, Jersey City, Los Angeles, New Haven, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and St. Marks locations will all participate on Saturday, June 8, and each location will feature Tetris signage, Tetris-themed food and drink specials, and a Barcade/Tetris T-shirt for sale. Fans can enjoy a night out with friends, and try to outplay each other in Tetris! Win and win. To learn more, visit https://barcade.com/.

“It’s been 35 years since Tetris first debuted, and just like the game’s colorful Tetriminos and Line Clearing gameplay, what also remains the same is that people simply love Tetris,” says Maya Rogers, president and CEO of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent for the Tetris brand. “Today, Tetris is as popular as ever among fans worldwide, and we’re thrilled to share this monumental moment with them. Happy anniversary Tetris!”

Thanks to a collaboration between Tetris and Sanrio, you can also play a special Tetris game featuring the beloved Sanrio characters for free at http://tetris.com/sanrio.

Fans can also expect fashion-forward apparel and beauty products from ipsySock It to MeKangaCare, and PeaceBird, full-size Tetris arcade games from AtGames Digital Media Inc., and mini arcade systems featuring Tetris games from Super Impulse. Plus, Red Bull Mind Gamers and Tetris, which partnered earlier this year in a special contest for game developers, will reveal their next collaboration in coming weeks.

Photo: The Tetris Company