If you’ve already exhausted every decent scary movie available for streaming and desperately want some new creepy content to pass the time, The Dark Zone has you covered.

The site, which calls itself an online community that embraces all things paranormal, has planned a full slate of streaming content based on the real-life house from The Conjuring and the family living there. There are live chats with homeowners Cory and Jennifer Meinzen streaming at liveparanormal.com tomorrow, but the real draw is a 24-7 livestream of the house. This week-long event is set to kick off with a free preview event on May 8, with the full broadcast to follow starting at noon ET on Saturday, May 9.

Tuning in to the week-long broadcast isn’t free, but The Dark Zone plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to COVID-19 charities. Exact ticketing prices and details aren’t listed yet, but should be available soon at thedarkzone.tv. Plus, this livestream isn’t just a steady shot of the house that fans will have to stare at in hopes of glimpsing some spirits. The Dark Zone has a whole schedule of events planned for the week, including seances, conjurings, investigations, and tests. There’s even a lineup of paranormal celebrities who will video chat with the Meinzen family — Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio, Kristen Luman from Ghost Hunters, Susan Slaughter from Paranormal Caught on Camera, Patrick Doyle from Ghost Mine, and many more.

Fans can check out the teaser video below to get a glimpse of the house, and keep watching thedarkzone.tv for additional details.

Photo: The Dark Zone