Frank and Joe Hardy are back on the case, but this time the mystery is heading to the screen, not the page.

Nelvana and Lambur Productions’ live-action adaptation of Edward Stratemeyer’s classic book series has officially found a home in the U.S., on Hulu. The Hardy Boys — starring James Tupper (Fenton Hardy), Rohan Campell (Frank Hardy), and Alexander Elliot (Joe Hardy) — will include 13 hour-long episodes and is officially in production now.

The series will follow 16-year-old Frank and 12-year-old Joe, who move to the small town of Bridgeport following their mother’s tragic death. Their father is convinced that their mother’s death was no accident, so the boys set out to solve the crime.

The series is set to start streaming on Hulu next year.

Image: Penguin Random House/Hulu