It’s been three months since the first teaser for Jon Favreau‘s live-action version of The Lion King came out, and now it’s time for a refresher with a brand-new trailer released yesterday. 

Disney‘s new trailer has pretty much all of the same shots as the first one, including Simba stepping into a large lion footprint, all the CGI animals gathering around Pride Rock, and Rafiki anointing Simba with the red powder and holding him above the kingdom as Circle of Life plays. If you’re extra attentive, you’ll notice there are a rhino and a cheetah in the new trailer that were not in the first one. Although it’s not so different than what we’ve already seen, it’s definitely worth watching because The Lion King is amazing, baby Simba is adorable, and nothing will get you pumped on a Monday morning like hearing the opening notes to Circle of Life.

The movie is expected in theaters on July 19. Watch the trailer below!

Photo: Disney