Can you feel that? No, disaster isn’t in the air, … but rather, the anticipated live-action adaptation of Disney’s The Lion King as its July release inches closer. While “live-action” may be a bit strong of a term for the more technologically advanced, CGI remake, we’re still pumped to hear Simba roar over the box office.

The film is officially just around the corner, and Disney has ramped up our excitement with a brand-new TV spot that reveals tickets are officially on sale and teases Simba and Nala’s iconic ballad “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” sung by the legendary Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Donald Glover.

The new trailer of the Jon Favreau-directed film features many National Geographic-worthy scenes of Pride Rock as Queen Bey and Glover belt out their duet in perfect harmony.

Tickets for the film, set for release on July 19, are now on sale on Fandango and Atom. Fans are already snapping up tickets, so be sure to get yours while you can. Simba may be the king of Pride Rock, but I have a feeling that The Lion King may be king of the box office this summer — and I just can’t wait for it to be king.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures